Handcuff Weekend – part 6 – ready for bed

Now the biggest problem: we had to go to sleep in our handcuffs and leg irons! This means we can not take our clothes off! We have to sleep in these clothes, and wear them again tomorrow! The handcuffs and leg irons are NOT coming off at all. Not even for a few seconds. We have to do EVERYTHING in full restraints! I can still do many things, like braiding Anahí’s hair and brushing my teeth.
I can sleep in handcuffs without a problem, I do it very often! Anahí is not used to it though, poor thing! I hoped she would get enough sleep, because handcuffs can get really annoying if you don’t sleep well. But I think Anahí is too nice to complain, she will do anything I tell her as long as I do it too! Let’s see how it goes!

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  • Ron

    This is all very cute and I enjoy it but really. Handcuffed with hands in front of you is really no challenge. I have done it. if you want a real challenge then I challenge you to Hands cuffed behind your back and leg irons for 24 hours. And no fair using those wide European cuffs. Use Hiatt hinged cuffs so your wrists are close together. Now THIS is a challenge and if your real daring add the neck cuff just cause I LOVE the way it looks on you.

  • David

    But how do you have showers without taking your clothes off? And the requirement of the cuffs staying on the whole time has to be fulfilled, no doubt about that so I am wondering if there would be a full set of special clothes that can be removed even with cuffs on, i.e. in two pieces, secured by velcro.

  • We couldn’t shower!

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