Two girls one fiddle


Aaah I love member requests! Here we go! You asked if we could escape if we shared a RigidFiddle (Anahí’s neck and my wrist locked in it), with Anahí’s wrists cuffed behind her in hinged handcuffs! I think it is not too hard to do, the only problem is that I am the experienced behind-the-back escape girl, and Anahí is not that experienced! But that is probably why you asked for this setup, and not the other way round (it would have been even easier for me).
Don’t we look lovely fiddled together? We even have cute summer dresses on, as requested! Find out if we escaped from this position, and please send in more positions for us to try!!

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  • W_Devil

    Try it with the rigidfiddle and the rigidstock..
    Your hands in the rididstock and your neck in the ridigfiddle
    And anahi the other way around..
    Maby you have to put de rididfiddle so that anahi her hands are behind your head..
    Lets see if you two can get out of that..

    Ps if you cant lock your self in this position i would love to help with it ;)

  • PP

    This gives me an idea. Use a fiddle on the wrists behind the back (with the lock on the side away from the hands, of course) with the neck part around a post or pole. You won’t get loose.

  • Great challage lucky anahi did not put the handcuffs on with the keyholes facing up away from her hands love what you do here x

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