Fanmail: the golden handcuff key!!

I got mail!! I love it when you fans send me mail! I got a very very nice birthday card, which I will show you in this update, and it also contained a present!! It is a golden handcuff key on a chain! The perfect jewelry for a Cuff Girl like me! You know me so well! Hahah!
The surprising thing was that it is an ACTUAL Peerless handcuff key, which really works (we tested it on our Peerless handcuffs that we are wearing in this update)! It is going to be super handy to keep this piece of jewelry around my neck in case of an emergency or an arrest :D
Thank you so much (you know who you are) for sending this gift! Big kisses!! xxx

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  • CuffLover

    I could send you some legirons if you want. Well what’s left of them :D
    Since I got my pair of legirons I realise why hogcuffing is so fun! Well until I noticed the push-pin from the double lock got stuck and i had to bring out the big tools from the garage.
    Luckily they are sending me TWO new pairs in replacement :D

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