Prison riot!


Lots of member requests!! You wanted us in orange jumpsuit, in a jail cell, and in socks!! We did all of that, so we spent a long time behind bars for your entertainment… well, also for ours because I just LOVE prison!! I wish I could think of a way to get myself arrested and put in jail for a month or so! That would be awesome!
Although, they don’t usually cuff inmates inside their cells, that would make me quite sad, because I would miss being cuffed. I am in handcuffs literally every day, sometimes hours, sometimes only a few minutes, but I am just addicted… Anyway, me and Anahí started a prison riot, we even managed to throw the matress out of the cell… which didn’t improve our situation. We are locked in waist chains and leg irons, and we loved every minute of this!!

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  • Patrick

    Please do a prison photo set without socks!

  • PaulM

    Well, it might be just an urban legend, but there was an article about a Dutch man, who was arrested in Amsterdam for smoking tobacco in a coffee shop, where only marijuana is legal.
    So go out, find a couple of handsome policemen and smoke a cigarette; you might get arrested. However, you look cute and innocent, so you might have to put up some resistance to earn yourself a handcuffing with those LIPS cuffs. ;-)

  • Tom

    I´m new on this website. I like tight handcuffing 1 inch above the wrists with SW or Hiatts hinged cuffs which cannot slip over the wristbone down to the hands. It should not hurt, but no space between cuffs and skin. Hands and arms should not be covered with shirts or pullovers. Would it be possible to see a 6 min video of Chrissy and / or Anahi of this kind?

  • trevor

    if you want to get arrested and locked up in a jail cell for longer periods talk to tony with . he’ll probably be happy to work with you on the project.

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