Prison uniform talk

Yay, everyone liked our prison update last week! Let’s talk about it some more, putting the most requested item in front of the camera: socks!! Yes, I know you requested white socks, but Anahí forgot to bring them (doh). But black socks are nice too! I don’t know what all the sock requests are about anyway, this is a handcuff blog!
Oh well, we are still restrained in our waist chains and leg irons, and dressed in our orange uniforms, so there’s plenty to see! We talk about all kinds of things, but we are most interested if anyone out there is a real prison guard. If someone out there is working in a jail, or a prison, or if you are working with convicted criminals, or even something remotely related to justice, please let us know! We are so into this whole prison thing! I could spend a month in prison right now, love it love it love it!!

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  • Ano

    I would say it’s not really worth to go to prison just for this.
    My knowledge is from youtube and Google only, but as far it goes you would be handcuffed most bye police around the time of your registration and bye the time of your appearance on court.
    I would suggest to either construct an lockable area in the corner of a room or pick a small room in your house and clear it, leave only a bed and maybe a table there.
    And get Anahí to be the guard for few days.
    Or get someone else who you can trust to cuff and luck both of you there.
    Well Ofc to have peace for the guard as well for the night he/she needs to make sure that none of you will escape by changing the standard waist chain side cuffs setup to a hogcuff position.
    Or just cuf hands behind the back. And use the legcuffs to keep everyone on her bed.
    Yes Ofc it brings up other duties to the guard, food and some other things has to be done.
    For the bathroom there’s an idea, you need to have a hole on the door.
    Once you are inside and the door is locked bring your hands trough the hole and the guard can take the cuffs off, and same goes for the other way. Hands trough, cuffs on, door can be opened.

  • Bart

    Socks? Can you make some pictures wearing juwelery and cuffs on your hands?

    Rings, Bracelets, wristwatch, handcuffs, thumbcuffs ?

  • nunya bidness

    We need video of you riding in a car with hands behind in chain cuffs like you had been arrested and were heading to jail :-)

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