Bed cuffing mayhem!

We thought it would be fun to try our old style webcam video again! Just a pile of cuffs, a bed, and go!! Lots of random cuffing, where me and Anahí try to cuff ourselves to the bed in the most original ways! We had handcuffs, leg irons, and also neck cuffs to make it a bit more exciting!
We almost forgot that there was only one key on the bed and we barely could get out after recording this video! My neck cuff was a bit too tight, but it was ok. I neck cuffed myself to the feet end of the bed, so I had to bend over in an awkward pose. Yes, you saw it! Stop looking at my boobs lol!!

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  • cuffgirlfan

    Loving the black tights chrissy.

  • davy

    Hello Chrissy
    While I’m not a member, and I’ve not joined the website, I love visiting that site, because I love the playful tone of that site. I like a lot how in those photshoots and videos, there is obvious fun going on here. As such, I’m a fan of that website.
    It’s obvious that you’re enjoying yourselves with the handcuffs and metal restraints, and that you want to share that fun with others.
    While I’m not myself as much as a fan of cuffs as you are, I like a lot using my toy handcuffs (they are toys, but they are still in metal). I like a lot having the contact of the metal on the wrists, and having the hands handcuffed together, especially behind the back. What is the most fun is trying to do everyday stuff with cuffs, as if it was normal and as naturally as if I wasn’t in cuffs.
    Because I’m not a member, I don’t feel I have the right to make any request, but I have a suggestion for future updates, only of course, if you feel it’s a nice idea. How about doing a kidnapping scenario, with, for example, Anahi as the kidnapper and you as the hostage? It can bring plenty of different scenarii : like, you’re captured by Anahi, and of course, you’re restrained with handcuffs and legirons. From that starting point there are plenty of possibilities : like, for example, the kidnapper is a nice person, and you’re having a good time with her, and scenes of daily life between a kind kidnapper and her victim; or, of course, another concept, the hostage escape and turns tables against the kidnapper, who ends up captive. It can be a multi-part story, with each part being an update.
    Of course, it’s just a suggestion : it’s your website.

    Have a nice day
    A french fan.

  • Yug

    You have nice BOOBS and make more videos with more boobs

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