High heels and ankle cuffs

This is a fan request we recorded on our holiday! You really wanted to see my gorgeous girlfriend Anahí in high heels and ankle cuffs! And you wanted us to find out what it is like to walk in high heels and leg irons, so we are trying to find out for you in this video!
I shackle my friends legs and she tries walking around the garden! She even takes her shoes off for a quick comparison to walking indoors on bare feet. It turns out walking in high heels is actually better when you are wearing ankle cuffs! The chain doesn’t touch the floor (less noisy) and the cuffs don’t hurt as much on the back of the legs! There’s the solution for all female prisons! Just make all inmates wear high heels!!

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  • Angel

    As always you are wonderful!

  • Raphael

    Great Chrissy clip.
    Why do not you make a video, you being a police cop and Anahi the prisoner in orange jumpsuit, attached to the legs and waist chains and high heels? And you as a police officer wearing a leather trousers, police shirt and high heels.

  • Jim

    Can you do some cuffing scenarios wearing converse chuck Taylor’s?

  • Anon

    Inmates in high heels? Sounds like a great photo set.

  • Marcelo


    Why do not you put Anahi a prison uniform , putting a handcuff on her feet and with a chain belt , and a high jump and you wearing a police uniform and high heels too, leading to the prison cell .

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