Long and short hinged cuffs!

Oooh! You know my favourite short hinged Hiatts handcuffs? They are really hard to escape when the keyholes are on the inside. That’s because they are so rigid and small!! Well, now I have found a similar pair, that has been extended! I know, it’s crazy! Why would they make a longer pair of hinged handcuffs!!
Me and Anahí had great fun with them, they are perfect for rigid elbow bondage, in front and behind the back, and Anahí even put them on her ankles, to see if she could walk in them!! If you know more about these cuffs, let me know!!

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  • hcfun

    Are those extended cuffs actually marked “Hiatts”? Where did you get them?

  • Yes, the short ones are Hiatts 2050 and the long ones are Hiatts 2060!!

  • PP

    I’m pretty sure the longer ones are for subjects (usually obese) unable to get their hands close together behind their backs for regular hinged cuffs. Kinda like regular cuffs with longer chains.

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