Experimenting with chains

Once in a while, I like to experiment with something else than handcuffs, but it is just never as good. Rope sucks, leather is bad, even chains and padlocks don’t really work. But many of you have asked me to try again, so here we go!
This time, I have some really heavy chain in various lengths. Me and Anahí try a lot of different positions to restrain each other, but none of them really seem to work. If you have got any reference pictures or drawings, or even suggestions, please email me because this is not really working!! :D

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  • bootpron

    Having issues with chains? Wrap the chain around the ankles/wrist a couple times tight and padlock at the closest links. Can padlock from other links more chains spreading you eagle, or hogtie, or wrists to ankles. Might need more locks, keys are easy , perhaps combo locks to make looking for a key a non issue, good luck struggling to read the numbers on the lock spread eagle. And please , more of these boots! :D laced up. ;)

  • DwD

    Ahh.. the chainlinks are a bit too big. Try to use a chain with smaller links, and you’ll figure it out. You can do a lot with the proper rope, good leather and appropriately sized chains.

  • Ano

    I’am pretty sure you don’t need this heavy chain i have thin ones and they can be used as handcuffs, totally escapeproof if used correctly.
    Just get one loop around a wrist and lock it, new one for the other and have them connected. :-) But still rope is the very best of used correctly.

  • Arie

    I also prefer handcuffs, but it is realy possible to use chains. If u put them around the hands individually, even you can’t escape. Or a different chain (for a swing) may be the key. Love the post btw

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