Outdoors in LIPS handcuffs


The weather is getting better again! So it is time for being cuffed outdoors (not the website, although I did model for them years ago, very nice!). Me and Anahí love taking long walks in cuffs, but you already knew that, plenty of posts on here about that! We never ever met one of you though (handcuff fans), only grumpy old people, people walking their dogs, and mountain bikers. If you see us, don’t hesitate to say something, don’t be ashamed! You can walk with us! We always bring extra cuffs!
As you can see, we are locked in LIPS handcuffs today. You can also see that I am more of a palms out person and Anahí is not. Interesting! We hardly notice we are cuffed anymore, it is funny how you can get used to it! Please comment here and tell us your cuffed outdoors stories!

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  • CuffLover

    Woohoo palms out for the win!

  • Kelly

    Not been cuffed outdoors for fun. Speedcuffed and stacked behind my back for a minor issue once though and had to walk through public, eeek! Yours looks more fun!

  • Trev

    Have you ever walked with one person cuffed and the other has the keys? One prisoner and one captor? I think it would be fun if you walked Anahi (or she walked you) in cuffs and on a leash to make sure you don’t run away!

  • onderzone

    I might be one day like to walk along in handcuffs or shackles andre I find this the most beautiful RigidFiddles like this I also buy

    ik zou wel eens een dagje mee willen loopen in handboeien of andre boeien ik vind deze het mooiste RigidFiddles deze willen ik zelf ook koopen

  • anonymous

    Looks like you two had some fun outdoors while cuffed.

  • Max

    Once cuffed my hands behind by back and walked through the park near my house. It was in the middle of the night so the park was empty :)

  • cuffman

    You see no one as you go hiking in a remote location. Next time you go for a walk on the Dam Square or the Leidseplein. I want to accompany you than.

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