Neck cuffed to ankles


A good idea! Or at least, it seemed like a good idea before we tried it (doesn’t it always): neck cuff ourselves to our ankles! So ankle cuffs connected to a neck cuff. It forces you to sit and bend over. Not good for your back, but hey, don’t try this at home, we are professionals! Hahhaha :)
We decided to handcuff ourselves with TWO pairs of cuffs behind our backs, and see who could get out fastest! It is really hard to stay in this position, every move you make pulls on your neck cuff! So much fun!!

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  • CuffLover

    *Note to self*
    Listen to Cuffgirl when she says do not try this at home :-)
    I can’t feel my back anymore DAMN!

    Had a fun time though
    xoxo CuffLover

  • carly

    You guys must do the same thing but with the Rigidspreader And then cuff your ankle to your neck

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