Blue box and waist chain

After many questions and comments, here is a new update about securing a prisoner in high security restraints! My lovely test subject Anahí will be cuffed, waist chained, and leg ironed! The cuffs will be encased in a blue box (which is black oddly enough), which will make it more difficult to escape because it is covering the handcuff keyholes!! Anahí was a little surprised, I guess she forgot about this blue box I have!! Haha!!

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  • PP

    The way you’ve done it, she can still get out if she has a key for the padlock. I think you’re supposed to run the chain through the slot to hold the box in place and then lock the end of the chain to the other side of her body. Then she can’t reach any of the keyholes even if she has a key.

    Even better, put it all on with hands, cuffs and box behind the back and the end of the chain locked in front. Inescapable without help.

  • Angel

    Nice job Chrissy and as always sweet Anahi :-)

  • Andrew

    Instead of putting a padlock on the tab popping through the blue box, you can feed the chain through the tab. That holds the whole thing in place. Now take the free end of the chain around the side, to her back and padlock the free end to the waist chain. Now it’s out of reach of her hands. So even with keys, she cannot reach the lock and there is no possibility of her getting free without help.

  • Angel

    I’d like to come in Holland and have the pleasure to meet you and Anahi :-)

  • Amado

    Hello Anahi ,

    Were you able to walk in these restraints? And does this video contain any movement or just while you’re standing?

  • PP

    You didn’t really need all those padlocks. Just one (or even none) can make it inescapable without help, even if she has the key(s). Instead of running the free end of the chain around her waist and through the ring that attaches the blue tab to the other end of the chain, fasten the chain around her waist by sliding the blue tab through one of the chain links. Sliding the blue box over the end of the blue tab will then fasten it to the chain and keep the chain on her waist. Now run the free end of the chain through the blue tab to keep the bluebox from sliding off the tab and finish by padlocking the free end to the center of her back.

    Now she can’t get at the handcuff keyholes until she can open the bluebox. She can’t open the bluebox until she can slide it off the blue tab, and it won’t do that unless she pulls the chain back through the blue tab. And she can’t do that because the free end is locked behind her back. Even if she could slide the chain around her waist, the lock would always be on the side opposite to her hands and out of reach. And because she can’t reach that lock anyway, it doesn’t even need to be a padlock. Some waist chains have simple snaps on their free ends for that purpose.

    You could also lock or simply fasten the free end of the chain to something to keep her in one place, and if you put it out of reach she won’t be able to do anything even if she has all your keys.

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