Dog shock collar!!

Something new again! I have seen videos on the internet of people trying a dog shock collar. So I got one to see if it is really that scary! Anahí was totally terrified!!! Poor girl. Well, I was scared too! It is not easy to do it to yourself, so it is better to give the remote to someone, because you just can’t bring yourself to pressing the button.
We tried playing around with the different shock levels, but it was very scary. We were even afraid to touch it! It resulted in a very funny video though!
Oh 2 notes: yes of course we are both handcuffed, and don’t use shock collars on your dogs, we are very much against that!!!!

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  • Anne

    Note it’s actually more painful with the collar on the fingers compared to applying it to your neck. When applied to the neck, the first level is usually just a small tingling, no pain at all. Keep the fingers away!

    You should really try the collar on the neck, with arms cuffed behind back! There are plenty of videos out there of people going up to high levels, including young girls, so you don’t have to afraid.

    I sent you an email with some practical advices, I hope to see some more shock collar videos soon!

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