The secret: palms out with thumbcuffs


Here is a little trick, but it is a secret, so don’t tell anyone! With hinged handcuffs, you can cuff someone with their palms facing outwards to try to make it harder to escape. However, most people can simply turn their wrists back inwards, even if you make the cuffs really tight (okay, it hurts, but it can be done).
If you take a pair of thumbcuffs, the wrists can not be turned back, leaving you stuck in the palms out position! Don’t tell anyone!! And don’t try this at home when you are alone! You will really be stuck!
As requested, I will demonstrate this in a hogcuff, not behind a table. The things I do for my fans!! :D hahaha lol

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  • trevor

    wow. you look really stuck. haha! How long did Anahi ‘let’ you experience this position?

  • Markus

    Dear Chrissy,

    this predicament looks good on you. I hope Anahi let you enjoy this position for an extended time :-)

    Feels good, that even as an escape specialist there are still ways to keep you safe and locked down ( even without hiding keys ), isn’t it?

    I think there are some more ways, but this is a good one..

  • Brendan

    You look really stuck on that position and it looks good & sexy on you. You look really nice in that black shirt and those blue jeans as well.

    I would try some others like handcuffed behind the back to a pillar. Also, you should play a game with Anahi while handcuffed behind the back in 3 out of 5 to who will find the key to the handcuffs where it is hidden. The person who finds the handcuff keys three times wins. The loser will remain handcuffed behind the back for the rest of the day. That’s what I think you and Anahi should do.

    Anyway, I hope to see more of you handcuffed with that shirt and those jeans again whenever possible.

  • Ano

    It was a cute update, you gave up quite quick though :-) I think having the keyholes on the right side on the rigid handcuffs can be enugh already. I like thumbcuffs as well, they are very very annoying.

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