Me and Anahí found a poker set! We were locked in LIPS handcuffs and we were bored, so we thought we would try to play poker! I was sure I would beat Anahí! The big problem however was that neither of us know how to actually play poker! Which resulted in a hilarious game of nothing, with cards and chips.
It doesn’t matter, we were handcuffed and we had a good time! But if any of you know how to actually play poker, please come over and try to explain it to us! You will of course be handcuffed, I hope that does not scare you!
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    Look it’s a pretty easy game , first of all each of the players get two cards , then one bets first this move is called the “small blind” after he bets the next one in queue bets the double of what the first bet this is called the “big blind” after this all the other players bet. Once they have made the pot (money on the table) the dealer flips 3 cards , after this the players are free to either bet , raise , call , check or fold , once they have all done their turns the dealer flips another card , and the players continue.


    After the 4th play is done the dealer flips the last 5th card , and the bets continue . Once everyone has stopped its time for the players to show their cards


    The first way to win is to have a card same number as on the ones flipped , you have to make combinations , for example , the pot has 8 7 6 K 1 and you have 6 and K you win . Another way to win is by doubles like , if you have two black 7s you make two combinations , colour and number


    The best cards to play are the royal ones , like if you get KK or KQ or JK all these win the pot at 85% of the times

  • cuffman

    I can not explain the game, but I will ever be captivated by you

  • Waches handcuffs anhia

  • Damon

    Fly me out to you guys! You can lock me up and I’ll teach you how to play ;)

  • Stephan

    It’s totally useless to try and explain this online by a few lines. This takes far more then only typing some replies. I think their scared to explain in real life with cuffs on. or maybe coming to the great holland for it. lol.. I would love to explain it to you girls ;) I’m still hoping to see you somewhere outside when you’re doing your outside sessions, but till now no sign of you two girls in cuffs… sadly :)

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