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I saw these cuffs at and I had to try them! So I borrowed them for a few days! There is only one pair of these because they are custom made and me and Anahi tried them on! They are wrist cuffs and built-in thumb cuffs on a connector bar! It is really amazing, you wouldn’t be able to perform any escapes in these babies! They are only for skinny girls though, with very skinny thumbs!

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  • Max

    Have you heard of a yoga position called the bound lotus? It requires a lot of flexibility but it would make for an awesome escape video if you or Anahi can do it. Here is a pic of it:
    The idea is to cross your arms behind your back and grab each foot with the opposite hand. So maybe once in the position, cuff each wrist to the opposite ankle, so someone would be stuck like that.

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