Leather armbinder


Even more bondage gear! I am not sure about all this. I just like handcuffs, I think some people are trying to push me in some kinky direction I still have to discover. I don’t know… Anahí seems to like it on the other hand. But this armbinder was her size anyway! She is more flexible! And yes, she actually owns a leather dress…

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  • CuffLover

    Time for a strappado with the hook that’s attached to the armbinder? :-)
    And as my name says, I still love cuffs more than anything else :-)

  • Michael

    Chrissy, while we’re all grateful that you have such a deep passion for handcuffs, I think you maybe should also accept the fact that you (and Anahi, of course) make pretty wicked bondage models as well. I, for one, think the armbinder looks fantastic on you – combined with the ball gag from the previous week, I’d have to be near death to not find that outrageously sexy. Maybe that level of sexiness is a curse you just have to bear. ;)

  • A

    you look gorgeous in that outfit chrissy.Would love to see u Handcuffed or chained up in that Outfit.

  • PP

    It’s not an either-or thing, you know. You can sometimes wear handcuffs inside an armbinder. And I’ve seen a set of Irish-8’s applied to the model’s wrists *outside* of an armbinder. This works because the parts of the cuffs that go between the wrists don’t actually touch. But all this probably depends on exactly what kind and size of armbinder you have.

  • Mariusz

    As stated above by another person here, you can always handcuff yourself behind the back and then have Anahi put this lovely armbinder on you! That way, you’ll still be wearing handcuffs but also something extra! And in my eyes, it’s outrageously sexy (as also mentioned before) when you are wearing an armbinder but it is not really visible that you are also restrained in inescapable metal inside it too!

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