Super ultra heavy ankle cuffs

These are the heaviest ankle cuffs ever!! I will not tell you how heavy they are because I am doing an experiment in the video! I am locking them onto Anahí and we weigh her before and after, so we can calculate how heavy they are! These are massive solid steel cuffs! They are incredible!! I’m in love!

6:16 minutes, 1920×1080 MP4, 476MB


  • Rich

    Those cuffs are amazing. where did you find such a massive set like that.

  • Gwenn

    Hi where i can buy it ?


  • Bernard

    Sorry to see these leg irons are so abrasive ! I have had a collection of “conventional” ankle cuffs, but I never got excited over them. They prevent you from running or kicking, but when you just walk around you hardly notice you’re have them on. I was looking for something that really impedes your moving about, but it seems you have to wear these over basketball shoes.

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