Using the blue box correctly

My police vest makes me want to arrest someone!!! Fortunately, Anahí was there to be my victim, as always!! By the way, thank you guys for all your comments and support. I have loved cuffs for so many years but I don’t always know how to use everything. I got some feedback about how to use the blue box correctly so I practiced on Anahí and now I can share with others how to do this properly!

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  • Josef Hunt

    Wow what a fantastic site. Love this set 2 gorgeous women in cuffs and those shiny nude tights are amazing. Black tights last week and nude ones this week fantastic.

  • Angel

    As always Anahi tightly cuffed :-) She’s lovely!

  • chrissty and anahi

    chrissty you can your vest and arrested me and anahi but whne you do you have handcuffed be first and then anahi and ankle cuffed both of us then take us to a different room and then put the waist chains on us and handcuff us in them and then using a pair of handcuffs handcuff us together with the waist chains and us handcuffed in them and will another anklecuff then ankle cuff me and anahi to the two far out ones and using another two pairs of handcuffs the two ankles beside each other use the the handcuffed and using the other handcuffed the anklecuffed chain to something so we can not move and leave us there for a while.

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