• Jens

    Are these cuffs the No. 15? I had a pair of No. 13. They combined heavyness and comfort @about 1kg while the 15 is a bit too heavy. You also have to try the No. 8 legcuffs then your challenge will be even harder because they use another key which doesn’t fit to the handcuffs.

    By the way: I am looking for a good handcuff-bellychain combination. You surely have tried severly ones. Which is your favorite?

    Greetings from germany

  • YourFan

    I like it when both of you are wearing white socks. Maybe you can combine this again with some orange jumpsuits?

  • Ian

    You Guy’s locked in Clejuso 15s!! Heaven xx

  • pbug56

    I have a suggestion; checkout (photos if you can’t find the film) the 1972 movie Women In Chains and like movies of that era. The women are wearing classic blue or grey chambray shift dresses, amazingly sexy (and really used back then in real jails), and they look even better with waist chains, handcuffs, legcuffs, white socks and slippers. Same look if you can find photos of Charlie Manson’s ‘girls’ when in custody. Try spending a few days dressed and chained up like that – I think you’ll like it and fans will love it!

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