Special guest: Cobie in her chastity belt!

Many of you have written me (and Anahi) to try a chastity belt! A chastity belt!!! At first, I thought you are all crazy! I wouldn’t lock myself in a chastity belt! But then again, I keep thinking about it, and Anahi too!
When we found out that Australian bondage model Cobie was doing a 13 day chastity challenge in Holland, I emailed her to see if she would come over! I was so curious about her chastity belt! It is amazing!! Meeting Cobie was so cool! I love metal things that lock on a body, so I guess I maaaaaaaaaay try this in the future. It’s expensive though :(

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  • ChasteWhiteKnight

    I would be very surprised if Chastity Babes didn’t make you an offer for a challenge already. You and Anahi would be perfect to be belted for at least a weekand the price of the belt would be no problem. Two very lovely women in a belt, and you can add as many cuffs as you like.

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