Three-way cuffing with Cobie!


I’m a little crazy and excited in this update, but that’s because I had two super gorgeous girls to cuff! Anahí is from Mexico, Cobie is from Australia, and I’m from the UK! International girls! And I have 3 neck cuffs, 3 pairs of handcuffs, and 3 pairs of leg irons! It is perfect!! I quickly cuffed all of us together, we had so much fun!!

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  • Nigel shim

    Hey, mate. Do you ever tried shackling yourself while swimming? Including with the legirons.

  • Michael

    I’d like to see all three of you in very tight chastity belts. Three girls in chastity belts is a hot fantasy. Will you fulfill the fantasy for Chastity Babes?

  • MasterOfPredicaments

    Do you know where I can get one of those neck cuffs? I see doesn’t sell them anymore.

  • They have become rare! All shops stopped selling them.

  • PP

    Those neck cuffs do seem a little dangerous, especially since many users probably don’t bother to double lock them to keep them from overtightening. Even Jeff Gord (of usually left a key in the lock in case he had to get the model out fast.

    I wonder if that’s why they’re no longer common. Cuffs with a single size do seem a lot safer.

  • bondalelove

    Who is handcuffed with his hands behind his back? Do they wear pantyhose when they are handcuffed?

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