Escape secrets: the CuffLock

Today we are going to tell you a little escape secret! Some of my padlocks are actually cufflocks! So this means I can use a normal handcuff key to open them. If you are stuck in a waist chain, connector chain, neck cuff, leg irons, and extra handcuffs, with maybe 4 or 5 padlocks to chain it all together, you would still only need 1 key to escape!
We are locked in these tight metal collars too by the way, do you like them? They are padlocked, but not with a cufflock, so we can not take them off with our handcuff key… I love metal collars, I think I will wear one to work next week!

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  • Ron

    No THAT is a picture I really want to see. You wearing this collar at work. It would be awesome. please do it.

  • Max

    You both look fantastic in those collars!

  • Avish

    Hey! Love your site. Just wanted to know where you bought the collar in this update, I would like to buy one for me girlfriend. Thanks!

  • Felixboy

    Hoi Chrissy,
    in April I will be in the netherlands.
    In which district do you live ? Maybe we can meet each other. : )
    I like what you do, it´s awesome.
    Ik zou blij zijn je te ontmoeten.

  • collaraddict

    nice tongue piercing too. two of my favourite things – tongue piercings and metal collars :-D did you wear the collar to work? sounds uber fun :-)

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