International Fan Day!

Last Sunday was our first International Fan Day! And we are still tired one week later! What a big success! Even though it is very hard for fans from around the world to make it to a day like this, EIGHT fans from different countries showed up, many of them travelled very far and long to get here! It was amazing! Such a great day of cuffing fun, handcuff conversations, escape challengs, little photo shoots, and of course cookies and drinks! Fans wanted to get cuffed by us, or handcuff me and Anahí, try uniforms, or crazy devices and restraints. The best day ever! Thank you so much!! I hope we can do it again in the future! Here is a little video impression, although it is very hard to show you a fan day when none of the fans want to be on camera LOL!

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  • DW

    I hope, that you will repeat it next year. I have seen it too late and I couldn’t come on this weekend. I would love to join next time.

  • Kusip

    Anyone that attended the event and has pictures of the girls in prisoner or cop uniform and whish to trade or sell please comment here.

  • Yves

    It was a great day. I was cuffed by Anahí a few times, and I had my turn to put Chrissy and Anahí in inescapable bondage :)

  • Bernard

    The Fan Day was great !! We got to try all the different cuffs that Chrissy and Anahi had and the cuffs we brought ourselves. There were some exotic specimens and it was fascinating to feel what it was like to be locked into them.

    We got to see the studio where they make their videos and we could use some of the props for our own pictures.

    The highlight for me personally was the walk down the street in pink handcuffs and leg irons escorted by Anahi. We didn’t encounter any people on that Sunday, but nevertheless it was a dream come true.

    It was such a pleasure to meet Chrissy and Anahi in person and I can only hope there will be another Fan Day very soon !

  • Jonathan

    One of these times you should attempt to make a trip to the USA and host an event you may get a nice turnout.

  • davecuffs

    Hi, everybody
    Yes, it was such a great day ; incredible memories indeed; in my case, the highlights were the times I was in the “prison orange suit” and I was locked up, in handcuffs and legirons, first by Anahi, then by Chrissy, and when I myself pu Chrissy in the “jail” in cuffs and legirons as well (but of course, she escaped easily, lol). And indeed, it was a great pleasure to get to meet Chrissy and Anahi, they were so nice and cool. :)
    Anyway, I really hope there will be someday another Fan Day.

  • lm

    Such a nice day. I was cuffed by Chrissy and Anahi, cuffed them both and even put my own cuffs on Anahi! It was wonderful meeting you, seeing the studio, making photographs etc. Hope there will be more editions of the Fan Day!

  • chrissy and Anahi should be in handcuffed behind there back

  • Fox

    you guys should totally have one in the east coast of the US!! I really wish I could’ve come. Have another one soon and please live stream it

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