Fan made leather prison belt!

This is one of the best presents I’ve ever received since I had this blog. A fan MADE a leather belt for handcuffs!!! It is amazing, see me and Anahí try it on in this video! We both think that it is fun and comfortable and very pretty! And finally I have a belt that is girl sized (small waist)! Thank you fans for your presents and comments! Love you so much x

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  • PP

    Try it backwards, with the buckle in front and the handcuffs behind your back. That’ll keep you from sliding the cuffs under your butt. If you use hinged cuffs with the keyholes away from your hands, then even with the key you’ll need help to get out!

  • PP

    A reversed waist belt is also really good for hogties. Attach the leg irons to the belt so your legs pull on your waist instead of your wrists. Much more comfortable as well as secure.

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