Road trip – no trespassing

Me and Anahí saw this Christmas tree farm road. It had a sign ‘verboden toegang’ which means ‘no trespassing’. So we just had to get in there!! We were handcuffed and we felt very excited to be in this place without permission! But then someone came! We were hiding between the Christmas trees, it was so scary!! What if they would see us there, locked in our handcuffs? This is the most intense thing I have ever experienced in cuffs!

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  • bootlover

    English translation of Article 461 Dutch Penal Code:
    Anyone who on others’s property or let cattle napping, without authorised by the owner of the property, and the property owner forbid authorised acces cleary, will be fined with a fine of the first category. [And the fine shall be not higher than 410 Euro]. In Leiden is a restaurant called “Verboden Toegang”. That fine is a little punishment, abroad the Netherlands trespassers will be shot or will be eaten

  • davecuffs

    I guess they would have looked for the cop who had arrested you two for trespassing.
    More seriously, I’m glad nothing serious happened to you then, and that it eventually had an happy ending. I hope that despite this little incident, the road trip was still a lot of fun.
    Btw, what kind of handcuffs are you wearing? Peerless ones, since I see they’re chain handcuffs?

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