Road trip – walking all the way to Germany!

We love the EU open borders! Because we can just walk from Holland into Germany (and back) in handcuffs! Imagine doing this 20 years ago! You could not even go into Germany without showing ID, and if you would wear handcuffs, I’m sure they would have asked some questions! Me and Anahí really did this: we were standing on the border, we were cuffed in two countries!! So exciting!

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  • davecuffs

    And one fun episode of the adventures of Cuffgirl and Anahi : being the ones crossing countries in handcuffs wuithout involving extradition stuff.
    Always nice to see you have fun :)

  • C.H

    Absolutely love your cuffed adventures! Been following you both for years and you never disappoint!
    Would more than be up for a challenge of your choosing and can confidently say be prepared to lose ????

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