Road trip – hiking in ankle cuffs

Here’s the last of the road trip updates, the final part of our trip to the border of the Netherlands and Germany! There was so much countryside to explore, we went to a new area every day in different cuffs! This day, we went for a walk, cuffed behind our backs and in ankle cuffs! Now, ankle cuffs are very hard to walk in, but we are trained professionals (LOL), don’t try this at home! Especially if you are like us and leave the key at the house. Don’t forget you have to walk all the way back too! It hurts a little :)

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  • davecuffs

    And so the adventure ends : and it ends beautifully, with a little stroll in the woods cuffed behind back and in legirons.
    That said, is walking with ankles cuffs is that more difficult than walking in high heels (I see that you don’t use high heels in that update)? It’s true that it’ more difficult to walk with ankles cuffs when the hands are cuffed behind the back.

    Anyway, I’m glad you had such a fun time, and it was great following your trip.

  • Billy

    I think, it would be better without legcuffs. The necks should have been connected with a rope (length two meters?) Black clothing is not good. Do it again.

  • Billy

    Or use a legcuff. Each girl has one legcuff. Five minutes in front and five minutes at the back. With bikinis? Or one girl in front and one girl at the back.

  • Ernie

    What are your favorite leg irons ? Do you recommend any type for long walks ?

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