Cuffed in public!

Lunch!! Well, even cuffgirls have to eat, so we went to a local place to get some lunch. In handcuffs of course! It was sooo exciting! I think a lot of people actually saw us but that’s even more exciting. No one said anything though, they never do! Would you say something if you saw us having lunch in cuffs?

3:20 minutes, 1280×720 MP4, 197MB


  • Scoosh

    Love this one, how about a little shopping trip with hands cuffed behind your back. Just an idea :)

  • davecuffs

    Wow ; I wish I had the courage to do that : be in cuffs in public; it would be so liberating; you’re so lucky people don’t mind.
    it’s really awesome you were able to do that. :)

  • you guys were def. lunching at hema in holland referring to the signs at the sealing :D love it!

  • Frank

    Wow, how cool is that! I would definetaly say something to you if I saw you handcuffed in public. I guess I would politely ask wether you had some spare cuffs with you to put on me! ;)

  • Noot1978

    In de Hema! ;)

  • Angel

    You are simply amazing! Could I cook for you? :-)

  • Naughty Boy Stan

    Until recently I might have been too shy but these days I would definitely say how cute you look. I used to carry handcuffs often, and would offer to join you. Where I live, many people will call the police if they see you like that. Maybe I should move to your city.

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