The ultimate escape challenge!

This is it! Don’t miss this one! We have the most difficult cooperation escape challenge for you! In the world! I am blindfolded and my hands are cuffed to my neck. Anahí is ballgagged and neck cuffed to the radiator. She can see the key, but she can not tell me where it is, and she can not reach it. I can not see the key, and asking Anahí for instructions is quite hard because I can barely understand her. Will we be able to escape this predicament? This was very hard!

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  • johnsmith

    Are you wearing nude pantyhose under your jeans? Looks like it from the waist band when you are bending over

  • davecuffs

    Wow; it was really a crazy challenge, but you really have amazing ideas. I wouldn’t have thought of the way you chose to be restrained for the challenge.

  • Mike

    Next time try it with both of you gagged as well as one blindfolded. When both can only manage to speak in “wet mush” it should make the challenge more fun when neither one can speak clearly and instructions are incomprehensible.

  • Navi

    Lol, reminds me of one of the scenes from Saw 2, but with beautiful women, and nobody mutilated.

  • Brian

    You should do a video with the mittens again! ;)

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