• Angel

    But who is the lucky guy that speaks with Anahi? :-)

  • PP

    Wow, I’ve never seen anybody get out of a fiddle with the lock on the bottom before. I guess it really is possible!

  • Yes we have both done it.

  • Jim

    Super escape, but what kind of padlock opens with a standard handcuff key? All mine use a regular cut key like a house or car.

  • PP

    You do have to be careful. Not all “standard” handcuff keys are exactly the same even if they look the same. While some might work with every make of handcuff (and cuff-key padlock), others might work with only some makes of cuffs.

    Those short magnetic “training” keys won’t fit cuff-key padlocks because they’re not long enough. Thumbcuffs often use keys that are just different enough from handcuff keys to be incompatible.

    And I’ve got one set of cuffs that can be opened by most of my keys, but because of wear or poor quality control a few keys actually jam in one of the locks. You can’t open the cuff and you can’t remove the key. That would be very bad news so I never use them anymore. I should probably just throw them away.

    Always test first!

  • developerworks

    Where i can buy the fiddle product ?

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