Blast from the past: custom heavy manacles

Oh my god, I can’t even look at my old videos. Look at my hair!! This video was never published, I think I got a pair of handcuffs from to review, they were slightly big, but I couldn’t get out of them. They have leather lining and a padlock locking. The chain is attached to it, so there is no way of making the chain shorter (which I would have liked). They are nice and heavy and I slept with them for weeks after receiving them! Haha!

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  • Michel

    Hello, Chrissy. If you want to make the chain shorter, you can join the 2 links near the cuffs with a padlock. Kisses, Paul

  • Jos

    When’s the next YouTube live?

  • kittin

    Aw look, she’s padlocked to the chair all hooked up in the heavy manacles and can’t hardly move her hands with the connecting chain padlocked to the chair…and look at her hair! Honey, pass me those scissors over there, wouldja…!

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