Almost stuck!!

When doing home videos, it is always good to have a friend around to help you escape, in case you really get stuck. We did not really think this one through though, because me and Anahí just started cuffing ourselves to the bed with lots of cuffs, when we realised the key was too far away. It was a really close one, we barely escaped (and it hurt)! A good lesson: if you have a friend over for safety, maybe it is not such a good idea to both get cuffed!

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  • davecuffs

    Wow, you’re still as reckless as usual; hope the fun was worth the difficult moments.
    I know you like being reckless, but with handcuffs, safety comes first; I would hate you ending up in a dangerous situation ; perhaps it might be a nice idea the next case you decide to do a cuffing game with Anahi, to be sure a third person might be rescuing you in case you’re both stuck.

    Anyway, cheers :)

  • Judoguy

    Hey Chrissi,
    would you like to try the following: Fold your legs in front of you (“Schneidersitz” in German), reach your hands through and cuff them with rigid cuffs in front of your ankles.

    I wonder if you could escape from that. :-)

  • I think I already did this! But I can’t find it at the moment.

  • Hey Chrissy I would Like to do cuffing game with you and Anahi

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