Anahí testing ankle protectors

A friend of Anahí sent these ankle protectors! They are official products designed to protected your ankles from hurting when wearing leg irons on long walks. Anahí loved these, because they really work! Thanks for sending them! Now if only they had sent two pairs, we could have gone outdoors together!

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  • davecuffs

    Yeah ; indeed, the issue with leg irons is that they often hurt the ankles ; it’s often interesting to put them over clothes, with the clothes, like pants, protecting the ankles by holding the leg irons ; but leg irons can slip. Effective protections which hold the leg irons is an amazing trick to be able to walk very long with them.

  • Troll

    Do they also work with those super heavy Chinese leg irons ?

  • matt

    Hi Cuffgirl! What ankle cuffs are these? They have a pretty short chain, are they handcuffs with extra links?

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