Me and Anahi manacled to the wall

Remember I cuffed myself to a wall a few weeks ago? Well, me and Anahi decided to take it one step further. Maybe one step too far… we were manacled to the wall this time, with heavy cuffs, hands well above our heads. We couldn’t escape and we were stuck there for a long time. Our hands went cold and tingly and we got very sore muscles from this. Again, don’t try this at home!

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  • kittin

    What! Your elbows bent, and not even on tiptoe, and you think you’ve got it bad? You do NOT want to play with my bf; he’s left me squirming on my toes overnight, then come in next morning with a supersoaker he’s left in the fridge overnight. I get one chance to be nice to him and not deserve to have him leave me like that till he gets home from work, just one, and I try, really hard, so hard, I really do. That water is SO cold, and there’s no doubt in either of our minds who I’m thinking about, all day. That’s how he likes it, and by the way, so do I. Please, pleasepleaseplease, not again tonight….

  • arno

    I would love to join you at the wall

  • Hey Chrissy I have handcuffs

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