Our personal custom cuffs

A lot of people have asked what manacles we are wearing in last week’s clip. I realised I never showed you the video from when I ordered them. We both have a pair of personal custom made cuffs. But from different manufacturers. It is not cheap to have them made, but it is definitely worth having manacles in your size! Go for broad cuffs, so you can struggle and wriggle without hurting yourself. Heavy cuffs are the best, don’t go for cheap cuffs, because you will have to order better ones later anyway, so it is best to spend some money on good ones.

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  • Sindy

    Where did you get your personal custom made cuffs?

  • Ralf Schaefer

    Sehen sehr schön aus, darf ich fragen woher die Manschetten mit dem Schnappverschluss kommen? Wäre sehr daran interessiert, mir solche anschaffen zu können, habe aber bisher noch keinen Hersteller gefunden, bei dem solch ein System verwendet wurde.
    Warte sehnsüchtig auf deine Antwort.

  • They are from sm-edelstahldesign.de, but sadly they don’t exist anymore :(

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