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Handcuffs from the Czech Republic!

We have something really special for you today: handcuffs from the Czech Republic! And these Ralkem handcuffs have something unique: a very strange key! Which means that you can’t escape with your standard key when you get arrested over there. So be careful not to get arrested in the Czech Republic! Are you from this country? Please comment below if you know more about these weird handcuffs!

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A package in the mail…


Ooooooo… ^_^… a package in the mail! A fan of my blog has sent me a pair of handcuffs!! I’m so excited! There’s even a nice letter! I had never seen these handcuffs before, it turns out they are Ralkem cuffs from the Czech republic (correct me if I’m wrong). They are really light, and the key is very strange. They aren’t very good for escape challenges since the key goes in from both sides, but the positive thing is: they fit on my elbows behind my back!! Thanks so much to the guy who sent them to me, I love them! xox

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