The dice game – now with 2 dice!


Do you remember my dice game? I love it when my challenge is random! I throw a die and whatever number comes up is the number of cuffs I have to lock onto myself. But 1 to 6 is not enough for me anymore ;-) I like the odds of 2-12 better! And yes, when the number is too low I secretly reroll until the number is high enough (LOL!). Today I roll a 6 and a 3! Nine cuffs, with all different keys, neck cuffs, thumbcuffs, this will be a hard escape!

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  • Jay

    Boo why don’t we get to watch you struggle to escape????

  • Again? That would be boring, I do that every week ;-)

  • Ron

    I like seeing you wear the neck cuff again.

  • KellyM

    Ever try locking both wrists into one ankle cuff? How about that behind the back. Palms facing out? Maybe with the other cuff locked on one ankle?

  • Hey there!

    I just had a look through some of your movies again, and… I felt the need to say thank you. For chatting with us the way you do. For making us feel part of something fun. For making us feel welcome. It can be all fun and games, after all, and you have such a charming way.
    Um… sorry, I’m not very good with words, and I’m not sure I was able to bring across my point. Actually, I just wanted to say: This is a lovely site, and I thank everyone involved; but most of all, of course, Chrissy and Anahi, for… for being who they are. For brightening up my day. Thank you, really.

  • Yay!! You are welcome!!
    Will you come to our Fan Day??

  • I admit, it is such a tempting thought, actually meeting you and Anahí. But despite me being German, I live pretty far to the south, and… sorry, I’m just not good at traveling.
    I wish I could be there, though, and I hope you have a fun day. Actually… I hope you have fun days everyday. :-)
    Thank you for your reply. It is good to know there are people like you out there. Best wishes!

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