Video diary: using a single chain

So I found out that rope sucks for bondage, now me and Anahí had another brilliant idea: use a piece of heavy chain and a padlock as a restraint! Unfortunately, that didn’t work either! Watch this video clip to see how we try every possibility to lock our wrists in the chain, it is simply not secure enough, we can get out every time!
If you have some instructions on how to use chain to make effective handcuffs, please post your own video, or comment below to help us! In the meantime, we are going back to handcuffs! Handcuffs rule!!

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  • Ano

    Use smaller chain then you won’t have any chance to get out. Hf

  • trevor

    you need a chain with smaller links. get a chain closer to the size of the chain on your belly chain (or just use that one) and a small padlock and you’ll have better success. cheers!

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