Rope revisited


Okay okay, after all the comments last time on my bad rope skills, I decided to give it another go. Maybe rope isn’t that bad. It’s not as good as cuffs, and it will never be, no matter what you say, but me and Anahí are very interested in rope bondage and all the things you see on the internet!
We tried an elbow bondage, and you were right: we couldn’t get out! My arms are not as flexible as Anahí’s, so they can’t be tied together, but I still could not get out, as the knots were between the elbows and not near the wrists, so there was no chance we could free ourselves. But we could still help each other!!

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  • Ano

    Getting better, believe it or not, even though we love cuffs, being tied up properly feels better for most of us.
    I would recommend to do a full hogtie next time. And give yourself time to trie to escape. As a back up use timed safe with keys for Anahí, as she should be hogcuffed while you trie to prove that ropes are no escape proof, or just let her watch you as you struggle. Have fun.

  • No Way

    Looks like Cuffgirl needs some exercise. Maybe Anahi should see to that.

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