Hogtied Hannah

Hi guys! This is Anahí again. I already introduced you to my friend Hannah, and she will be my handcuff sidekick from now on. The only problem is, she is missing many many years of experience, so I have to explain literally EVERYTHING from scratch, like Chrissy once explained everything to me. Today I will show Hannah what a hogtie is. She loved it so much!!

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  • Steve

    Well I can see you two are going to be great. Nice one. :) Looking forward to more adventures.

  • Jos

    I love that you are handcuffed as well during the demo. Shows you really do enjoy it.

    Also can we see more of the boots from your Christmas post please :-)

  • Tieup2008

    Toecuffs next and more in the lycra suits please

  • davecuffs

    Hello Anahi
    I’m glad to see that you’ve become a worthy successor as the main Cuffgirl (of course, Chrissy is still behind the scenes, but you’re her successor in front of the camera).
    And it seems that those first updates with Hannah have been fun. And it’s exactly the spirit of Cuffgirl.com : fun with cuffs.
    Keep the good work

  • Savage

    Dear girls! Please more topless! I think handcuffed spread eagled to bed, wearing only panties or bikini is super sexy video! Your funs like it!

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