Super tight elbow cuffing

These cuffs are interesting because they don’t use a key. I would not know how to call them, I miss the fans around who were teaching us all this things about cuffs! I learnt a lot at the fan day. However, the best is to do elbow cuffing with them because even without a key you just cannot escape (unless someone is there to help you). They can put a lot of pressure on your shoulders and arms but if you are let out it feels amazing! That relief of pressure. So tight!

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  • Dirk

    These are Bango Cuffs. You use a screw to close them and you can secure them with a padlock through the holes of the screw. Then you can’t unscrew them. ;)

    Dirk from Germany who was on the Fan Day ;)

  • O

    I think they know!

    Source: Was locked in these with the padlock during fan day.

  • Aah I think I remember :D

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