• reimius

    she looks lovely with handcuff and with her ring

  • Damon

    Hannah needs to get put under arrest!

  • davecuffs

    Hehehe ; if I remember correctly, Anahi, you DID some escape challenges with Irish 8 handcuffs during the Fan Day? Since you enjoy a lot those handcuffs, it’s indeed so logical you share the fun with Hannah :)

  • PP

    If you *really* want an Irish 8 challenge, try cinching them with a regular handcuff: lock the cuff around the Irish 8 cuffs between your wrists. You’ll have to remove it before you can unlock the Irish 8 cuffs.

    This is easier said than done, even when the regular cuff’s keyhole is near your fingers and the cuffs are in front. Flip the regular cuff so its keyhole is away from your fingers and you won’t be able to reach it. Behind your back, with the other cuff locked to a belt or waist chain so you can’t slide your hands under your butt, you are *seriously* stuck.

    Make sure there’s room between your wrists to get the key into the regular cuffs. I don’t usually have this problem but it’s easier with a short training-type key.

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