Different kinds of handcuffs (fail)

I wanted to show Hannah the difference between some of the handcuffs, particularly the distance between the wrists. The shorter the distance, the harder it is to escape. So I went from chain cuffs to hinged cuffs to the Irish 8, to show her each type of restraint. It all went very well, until we bent the key to the Irish 8 and I was stuck in them!!!

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  • Jos

    Were you stuck for long? Worst possible cuffs to get stuck in

  • Not too long, maybe 30 minutes before we found another key

  • PP

    Try the high security version of those KUB Irish 8 cuffs. They have pin-tumbler locks that take regular padlock-style keys that you can duplicate at the hardware store. I actually find it easier to get the key in the lock and turn it than to carefully align and push that big Hamburg-style key.

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