Ultimate Speedcuffs for Hannah

Let’s introduce Hannah to Chrissy’s favourite handcuffs! The British police cuffs were Chrissy’s most beloved handcuffs, because Chrissy is from the UK! Well, I am from Mexico and Hannah is from the Netherlands, so we have to pick other favourites, but it is easy to see why Chrissy loved these cuffs. They are rigid and they can be used for very hard challenges! The ones I am showing today are the Ultimate Speedcuffs, which means they can fold (but only if you use a key)!

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  • Joe

    Aah yes, The Hiatts foldable speedcuffs. I have a pair of these, and if they are applied correctly to your test subject, they will not escape even with the key. If they are tight enough, the wrists cannot be rotated and are fixed. Very restrictive.:-D

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