Hinged cuffs are a lot harder

Time to show Hannah the difference between chain and hinged handcuffs! Hannah is struggling to figure it out, you can see it on her confused face but she learns something new every time. Hinged cuffs are a lot harder to escape, especially with the keyholes on the wrong side!

5:14 minutes, 1920×1080 MP4, 509MB


  • Jerod

    While I know you guys don’t care for rope or just chain (understandably) have you ever tried experimenting with zipcuffs? Wrists or ankles, they are escapable if you’re creative :)

  • Yes we have! There should be some updates on here somewhere.
    But that was long ago, we should try that again!

  • PP

    Zipcuffs can be pretty painful, especially if they’re tightened too much. Also, they can get rather expensive if you play a lot.

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