Neck to ankles hogtie (don’t try at home)

Cuffing your neck to your ankles is not very safe! You need to support yourself with your hands. If you make the chain really short, you have to be very very flexible in your lower back (like Hannah) to avoid choking yourself. It gets harder and harder to hold yourself up. Do not try this at home, it is dangerous! But it is secretly a lot of fun :D

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  • Worried

    This is too dangerous. Please don’t hurt yourselves. I think this update should be taken off the site.

  • Jos

    I’m sure you’re being safe. Have fun, more boots ; -)

  • Angel

    I think that it’s too dangerous!

  • PP

    Yeah, WAY too dangerous. Please don’t do stuff like this.

  • PP

    I’ve read that this form of hogtie (with rope) was used by the Mafia to slowly torture and execute their victims. When the victim’s legs tired, he strangled. It was called the “Italian rope trick”. So *please* don’t do it. Please.

    I like hogties but I just don’t like seeing anything around the neck, except maybe a collar not attached to anything. Those oversized (neck-sized) handcuffs show up on a lot of sites these days, but they’re especially bothersome since they tighten a lot more easily and quickly than they loosen. Accidents can happen even with a partner around. Please play safe!!

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