Hannah versus the blue box!

The blue box! Of course, I had to show Hannah this clever device that makes the keyholes inaccessible. Combined with a waist chain with the padlock on her back, Hannah will be unable to escape even if she has a key!

By the way, 2017 was a fantastic year where we met many of you dear fans at our fan day! Also, we tried all sorts of crazy things and some more serious ones. I wish next year will be even better than this one and that you find the time and space to be cuffed in 2018!


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  • davecuffs

    The blue box really fits Hannah, and the striped trousers also are a nice bonus, since they look like a prison uniform.
    And of course, there is always some available time to be cuffed :)
    It was also nice to see you at the Fan Day :)
    Happy New Year/ Gelukkig Nieuwjaar/ Feliz Año Nuevo

  • Trevor

    Love the leather shorts! Inescapable restraints are the best kind!

  • PP

    The best way to use a waist chain is to first wrap it around the waist without the bluebox. Pass the free end of the Martin Link (the blue thing on the end of the chain) through whatever link on the chain keeps it good and tight around the waist.

    NOW slide the end of the Martin Link through the slot in the bluebox. Pass the free end of the chain through the slot in the Martin Link where it protrudes out of the other side of the bluebox; this will keep the bluebox from sliding off. Finally, wrap the free end of the chain around the waist and padlock it on the other side.

    Now nothing can come off until the padlock does. The bluebox (and handcuffs) will be held tightly to the waist even if that last piece of chain isn’t taut. You don’t even have to padlock the end to the waist chain, though that’s a good way to keep the prisoner from reaching the padlock with a key. You could instead padlock the end of the chain to a wall, or if you put the blue box and cuffs behind the back you could lock the chain to ankle cuffs in a hogcuff. A very *secure* hogcuff.

    Now the padlock has to

  • PP

    Oh, it’s generally recommended to double-lock the cuffs before applying the bluebox because some cuffs have double-lock slots that you can’t get to with the box in place.

    Since it takes a bit of time to unlock and unthread the chain so you can get into the box and access the handcuff keyholes, you don’t want the cuffs to get accidentally tightened so it becomes a real emergency to get them off.

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