Introducing Zara!

During Christmas I was joined by the lovely Zara. It was a little bit confusing for her, with all the cuffs and the video recording. I did not properly introduce her in that update, so here she is! Zara! She is from yet another country (Chrissy from the UK, I’m from Mexico, Hannah is from Holland), can you guess where Zara is from!?

6:55 minutes, 1920×1080 MP4, 255MB


  • Jonathan

    I’m guessing Zara is from France or Germany.

  • Ant

    Where is Hannah?

  • Andi

    Hi Anahi, think Zara is from Spain or Portugal. :-)

  • Mod

    Really too hard to guess where she is from. She is too good at hiding her accent.
    Would love to see more with her. But I also like how you introduced Hannah into handcuffing.
    Please show more handcuffing behind back and add gags or blindfolds (scarfs, bandanas, ball-gags) in more videos. I really like the 2-person-team-escape challenges and in general the way you present you challenges/videos. I am really einjoing my first days of membership. Thank you and keep it up :)

  • Luci

    Italy I reckon.

  • Paulo

    She looks American to me. Definitely United States.

  • David

    She (Zara) is from Romania

  • Now that several people have guessed, I’ll weigh in!

    Jonathan: I wonder, did you guess France based on the clothing? I sometimes dress in an inspired fashion!
    Andi: Interesting guesses, but not quite! :3
    Mod: Aw, I’m good at hiding my accent? Really? :O
    Luci: Not Italy~!
    David: Romania? Hmm, I wonder what makes you guess that? I’d be interested to know!
    Paulo: Haha, you’ve got it! Congrats! :D

    The winner is Paulo this time! Hi all! :)

  • davecuffs

    Hello Zara
    It seems you’re having a great time with Anahi :)
    That said, you’ve not given a complete answer ; you’re from the US ; but which state? California? New York?

  • David

    I just reply to Zara’s comment: “David: Romania? Hmm, I wonder what makes you guess that? I’d be interested to know!”
    I could be wrong, I think you are from USA, but your background is from Romania, or at least one of your parents or both are from this country, for me you look Romanian.

  • Hey again all! <3

    davecuffs: Hehe, I'm from Florida! :)
    David: Really? That's really interesting, I like knowing what kind of heritage people think I have, so thank you! :3

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