• Jonathan

    I’m guessing Zara is from France or Germany.

  • Ant

    Where is Hannah?

  • Andi

    Hi Anahi, think Zara is from Spain or Portugal. :-)

  • Mod

    Really too hard to guess where she is from. She is too good at hiding her accent.
    Would love to see more with her. But I also like how you introduced Hannah into handcuffing.
    Please show more handcuffing behind back and add gags or blindfolds (scarfs, bandanas, ball-gags) in more videos. I really like the 2-person-team-escape challenges and in general the way you present you challenges/videos. I am really einjoing my first days of membership. Thank you and keep it up :)

  • Luci

    Italy I reckon.

  • Paulo

    She looks American to me. Definitely United States.

  • David

    She (Zara) is from Romania

  • Now that several people have guessed, I’ll weigh in!

    Jonathan: I wonder, did you guess France based on the clothing? I sometimes dress in an inspired fashion!
    Andi: Interesting guesses, but not quite! :3
    Mod: Aw, I’m good at hiding my accent? Really? :O
    Luci: Not Italy~!
    David: Romania? Hmm, I wonder what makes you guess that? I’d be interested to know!
    Paulo: Haha, you’ve got it! Congrats! :D

    The winner is Paulo this time! Hi all! :)

  • davecuffs

    Hello Zara
    It seems you’re having a great time with Anahi :)
    That said, you’ve not given a complete answer ; you’re from the US ; but which state? California? New York?

  • David

    I just reply to Zara’s comment: “David: Romania? Hmm, I wonder what makes you guess that? I’d be interested to know!”
    I could be wrong, I think you are from USA, but your background is from Romania, or at least one of your parents or both are from this country, for me you look Romanian.

  • Hey again all! <3

    davecuffs: Hehe, I'm from Florida! :)
    David: Really? That's really interesting, I like knowing what kind of heritage people think I have, so thank you! :3

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