Two different ankle cuffs

Shackles aren’t just shackles. They have different shapes, different locks, keys and everything makes a difference in the experience of wearing them. In this video that Zara and I made for you, we compare the differences between two kinds of leg irons. Which ones are your favourites? Comment below, we are curious!

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  • Ed

    Always been a big fan of anything Smith & Wesson especially handcuffs and legcuffs

  • The Toymaker

    The best modern swing through handcuffs and leg irons were made by American Handcuff Company. They were unfortunately bought out and production stopped. The cuffs they made had a a radiused edge on the inside rather than the square edge making them much nicer. S&W, Peerless and Hiatt cuffs are very good quality and worth the money but will never compete with the AHC cuffs for comfort for play. Although for play Hiatt, Ruben Craddock or some of the other contemporary Darby style cuffs are still the best for comfort and security.

  • Me too, Ed! And you sure know your cuffs, Toymaker! :D

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